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World Release Date: September 30th


Song List

1. Why Aye Man 6:11
2. Devil Baby 4:02
3. Hill Farmer Blues 3:44
4. A Place Where We Used to Live 4:31
5. Quality Shoe 3:51
6. Fare Thee Well Northumberland 6:27
7. Marbletown 3:33
8. You Don't Know You Are Born 5:18
9. Coyote 5:55
10. The Ragpicker's Dream 4:20
11. Daddy's Gone to Knoxville 2:47
12. Old Pigweed 4:32

Mark Knopfler: vocals and guitars
Richard Bennett: guitars
Jim Cox: piano and Hammond organ
Guy Fletcher: keyboards
Glenn Worf: bass
Chad Cromwell: drums

 Additional musicians:

Glenn Duncan: violin, track 11
Paul Franklin: pedal steel, tracks 3, 5, and 10
Mike Henderson: harmonica, track 6

Backing vocals:

Jimmy Nail and Tim Healy: track 1
Guy Fletcher: track 8


Recorded and mixed by Chuck Ainlay
Second engineers: John Saylor, Jon Bailey, Jake Jackson
Mastered by Tony Cousens
Produced  by Chuck Ainlay and Mark Knopfler
All songs written by Mark Knopfler



CD single......Why Aye Man

release date 16th Sept

UK and rest of Europe only